Secure Logistics patented technologies are useful for exampel for stationary applications, foods, pharmaceuticals, classified and confidential documents, valuables, electronics and hazardous gods.

tamper and Monitor

The “Tamper” patent provides a tamper evident seal. The goods to be protected and a pressure sensor is placed in a vacuum sealed gas proof bag and any attempt to tamper with the enclosure is detected by the sensor and reported to a receiver outside the seal.

The “Monitor” patent provides a real-time theft alarm solution providing detection of theft and tampering. By a light sensor and a radio receiver attached to the object, a pattern of variations in the radiations are used to determine the handling events of the object, e.g. when it is placed in a “booster bag” or is in the hand of the customer.

Combining “Monitor” and “Tamper” ensures prevention of shoplifting and theft in general, shoplifting and theft by removal of EAS tag or placing products in a booster bag, as well that it provides a system for product surveillance and monitoring.